Striped Bass Fishing

photo0019Striped Bass, a.k.a, Stripers: Apr-Jun

The history of the Striped Bass shows that the fish is the aquatic equivalent to the American Bald Eagle. Striped bass helped build this nation by enabling the Pilgrims in the Massachusetts Bay Colony to survive their first winters and grow their first crops by giving themselves up for food and fertilizer. The fish were transported by rail in milk cans and wooden barrels from New Jersey to the San Francisco Bay in 1879. Still today, this effort ranks as maybe the most successful fish stocking effort in the world.
Stripers are now one of California’s top ranking sport fish. Females usually mature at 5 years of age when about 24 inches long and many males mature at age 2 when about 11 inches long. Striped bass are believed to spawn only in fresh water, in which there is an appreciable current. Stripers are aggressive feeders and are found in abundant numbers in the Sacramento and Feather Rivers. The average fish ranges from 1 to 5 pounds, however, 10 to 30 pound fish are common. Stripers start showing up in March with peak season in April and May.

We fish for stripers using mostly live bait, flies and artificial lures.

Rate: $225 per person (minimum 3)

A 50% deposit is required at time of booking. Deposits will be refunded with one month advanced notice of cancellation. I can accommodate 5 anglers/ boat. Larger parties can be accommodated with advance notice.

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